Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sapphire Studies Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy, as it is of extreme importance to us. Personal Data and your privacy of it is of tantamount significance to us. Any gathering of personal data, at any time during the course of doing business is highly respected and the trust we retain in gathering any information is essential to our core success. Sapphire Studies Inc. understands the need to ensure every step is taken, and any and all of the information that is appropriated is stored safely, and is protected to safe guard that trust. Any and all information gathered is neither collected nor shared with third party companies and is only provided to Sapphire Studies Inc. employees and staff members as needed to execute and implement their required duties as it pertains to our education support.

Sapphire Studies Inc. collects information for the purpose of providing tutoring and academic services to the interested party, which will specifically meet their academic criteria. Sapphire Studies Inc will not disclose any information about individual users. Any information provided by a client or prospective client to Sapphire Studies Inc. or any of its employees, is strictly confidential. Sapphire Studies Inc. will not sell any information obtained or provided by a client to a third party for marketing or other purposes, however, we may use that information for marketing which may involve a third party, such as Facebook advertisements